Personal Training

Chrissie offers a range of personal training services to help you achieve your fitness goals. She has a private personal training studio kitted out with commercial cardio machines and weights available 24/7 to clients. Train wherever suits you – at your home, the local park or use the online service. Get a group of friends together for added fun and motivation.


Get the best out of your training with a one-to-one. Whether you are looking to improve strength or cardio, Chrissie will maximise your workout. Heart rate monitoring will optimise your performance. Sessions are tailored to your goals.

Fitness Test and Programme

If you’re confident to train on your own but want to stay on track with your goals, Chrissie can give you fitness test and write you a training programme, tailored to what you want to achieve.

Sports Performance

Training for an event? Whether it’s a marathon, ironman or your first Parkrun, Chrissie can give you a customized, periodized plan to make sure you perform at your best on race day.

Want to get fitter?

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