Eating and the Current Health Crisis

Life has never been this good. We have life enhancing technologies that could never have been imagined a century ago. Work-life balance means we get more family and leisure time, and there’s far more entertainment. Despite all this, humans are experiencing unprecedented rates of physical and mental illness. In the last century, rates of Diabetes,Continue reading “Eating and the Current Health Crisis”

Plain as Oats

Are oats the best thing on your breakfast menu? Go to the health food section in your supermarket, and you’re bound to find plastic containers full of powders claiming to provide perfectly balanced, optimised nutrition. The nutrition industry has spent the last seventy years trying to perfect their formulas and some would have you believeContinue reading “Plain as Oats”

Yo Yo Fitness

What’s the point of having a lean body if you don’t do anything with it? Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog post of the decade. For Personal Trainers, it’s the busiest time of the year because, you’ve guessed it; it’s resolution time!! This year we’re going to smash out fitness goals, justContinue reading “Yo Yo Fitness”

Weight loss Lifestyle

Make Weight loss a life-style you love Has your life-style got the better of you? It’s so easy to resign yourself to never being able to lose weight and get fit. I was there 2 years ago. 30kgs over weight, bikini shy, avoiding the camera.  Does that sound like you? The prospect of losing 30kgsContinue reading “Weight loss Lifestyle”