Meet Chrissie

Personal Trainer/Health Coach Franklin NZ

Workout Live Better

Personal trainer Based in Franklin nz

Chrissie is a Level 5 Health Coach and Personal Trainer experienced in helping people improve their health, fitness and well-being. Like most people wanting to get fit, she started out going to the gym. What began as an endeavour to get in shape, turned into a lifelong journey. Keeping fit has enabled her to enjoy an active life-style and take on a range of physical challenges. Without it, she’d have to think twice about going on that skiing holiday or kayaking tour. Her main passion is endurance cycling, so maintaining good physical condition is essential. Chrissie firmly believes fitness improves your physical and mental well-being and leads to a more fulfilled lifestyle. This is what inspired her to become a personal trainer.

Over the years, she has helped many people, from those wanting to achieve better health and well-being to those wanting to PB their marathon time; people struggling with weight loss to people rehabilitating after injury. One thing they all have in common is getting results.

Want to live better?

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