Weight loss Lifestyle

Make Weight loss a life-style you love

Has your life-style got the better of you?

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It’s so easy to resign yourself to never being able to lose weight and get fit. I was there 2 years ago. 30kgs over weight, bikini shy, avoiding the camera. 

Does that sound like you?

The prospect of losing 30kgs seemed impossible. I knew it would take over a year to get to my ideal weight and that was way too long. Restricting calories, going without my favourite foods, not being able to join in with the shared lunches seemed like my worst nightmare.

But I was far from happy. My weight problem was really getting me down. I was self-conscious walking down the street, head down to avoid catching sight of my reflection in a shop window.

I had to do something about it. 

I thought about my former self and cast my mind 10 years. Who would have thought a former athlete could have got so out of condition? I figured out it came down to life-style. I’d got out of the fitness habit and even worse, exchanged it for bad ones. My evening run had been swapped for internet browsing; when I should have been going to the gym, I’d stop for cake and coffee, and without fail, every time I filled up the car, I’d grab a chocolate bar. I was spending more on unhealthy eating habits than a gym membership!!!

It took an evening of serious thought and looking into myself and I found a solution, my own solution.

Fast forward 1 year and I felt like my old self. The extra 30kgs had gone, I was back into my fitness ways and absolutely loving it and still am. In fact, I’ve got so into the habit of healthy eating, those sugary desserts I craved for are no longer my favourite foods. I  no longer dread the beach holiday, in fact I’m prouder than ever to get into my swim suit.

So much so, I’m helping others just like you get the same results. 

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I can help get you on track to a healthy life-style and the trimmer body you deserve.

What you get. 
  • one-on-one consultation online or in person
  • tailored eating plan
  • personalised workout and video
  • ongoing support

Contact Chrissie to find out more






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