C M Soloman Health and Fitness

Live Healthier, Fitter and Better

Gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to take an active part in improving your health and fitness. You can reach the health goals you want to achieve.

C M Soloman Health Coaching and Personal Training aims to empower people to make positive change to improve their lives. A range of services are available to make a real difference to your health and fitness. Plans are flexible to fit around your routine and there are online services available. Simple changes can have a big impact on health and well-being. C M Soloman is here to show you how.

Personal Training

Online or in person. Chrissie offers one-on-one fitness sessions tailored to your individual goals and needs. With Chrissie you will see results fast.

Health Coaching

Is there an aspect of your life or self you want to improve? Do you want to make lasting changes to improve your health and well-being? One-to-one health coaching can help you make positive change forever.

Sports Massage

Need a relaxing massage or relief? Massage can relieve tension, improve circulation and promote physical and psychological well-being.